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Cartridge needles


Round Liner – RL
Round Shader – RS
Round Magnum – RM
Magnum – M
Flat – F

New and fresh on tattoo market; GHOST CARTRIDGE NEEDLES high quality tattoo needles in cartridges modules.

The system allows easily to change modules while working to save time so tattoo artists can focus on artistic work only.

Ghost cartridges have a safety membrane which prevents ink back-flow (to machine or grip). The membrane is flexible and durable and made off materials that are used in healthcare. Needle tips are made of stainless steel 316L and are perfectly sharpened. GHOST cartridge needles are compatible with all tattoo machines and grips made for cartridge needles and have Excellent relationship between quality and price.

GHOST CARTRIDGE NEEDLES also saves a lot of space; in the studio or at conventions. Because GHOST CARTRIDGE NEEDLES are sterilised and individually packed in a sterile bubble, you can put away quite a few cleaning accessories.

GHOST cartridge needles are packed in a box of 20 pcs. You can choose between round liner, round shader, round magnum, magnum and flat and a thickness (diameter) of 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

Round Liner – RL: close circular formation, used to create the main lines. Inside category there are two different diameters; 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

Round Shader – RS: gathered in large circular formation, used to create shadows as the name already implies. Inside category there are two different diameters; 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

Round Magnum – RM: Flat needles assembled into two linear layers, gently rounded and ideal for coloring, fills large areas and shader; allows you to have the softer end to fillings and shades. Two different diameters; 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

Magnum – M: gathered in a plot of two rows, used for the mixing pigments and for tattooing large areas. There are two different diameters; 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

Flat – F: gathered in a linear formation and used to create geometric shapes and shading. Inside category there are two different diameters; 0.30 and 0.35 millimeters.

GHOST CARTRIDGE NEEDLES – safe, durable, easy to use and for a good price!

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Cartridge needles

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